I am Siri and I have a vision: to be able to live my Essential Being here on earth as pure as possible, and to help people to find back to a relation with their own essence. Essential Being to me means the pure core of my Being, without any patterns of behavior, projections and defenses, which I did assume during my lifetime. Living my own essential Being is a challenge to face every truth inside myself in loving acceptance, to develop my full power of life, and to recognize the Divine Love, the greatest power of the universe,as a natural part of my Being, and to integrate in my life.

Since some time we experience a great power to changing consciousness on earth. Something New is calling, claiming new creativity and clear decisions, and we humans will have to decide ourselves very clearly for a conscious responsibility for our own life, as well as for all life. I did decide myself for a conscious union with my essential Being, with great respect for freedom and responsibility I use my creativity for the New, and I love to support people who are looking for.

My paintings are created out of Oneness in union with my Being. They can and they love to help us to come into resonance with our Being, so that we are able to unfold our own inner powerful potential and to create the New in our life. I am the founder and leader of "Meditation and Painting", a group workshop in the New Consciousness, I could develop during the last years, and which is growing on.

All this work needs a good foundation and basic. During the last 20 years of search I did go through many great schools and trainings, like i.e. University Studies in Physics, School of Arts "Seminar für Malerei", Snowlion School for Energy Therapy, Cranio Sacral Therapy, Guiding Meditation,... Of course I keep a commitment to supervision and I continue learning, above all about the transformation into the New. I follow my path with conviction, respectfully, responsibly, open hearted and with my full power and love for a New Responsibility on earth.